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Marcello, Francesco, Davide and Chiara Cadamuro and Valery Space, many companies in one family-run business. In fact many souls coexist in the over 3,000-square-meter shed on the outskirts of Pordenone. The main activity is the auto repair shop, run by dad Marcello and Francesco and specializing in glass replacement. Next door is the gym, which welcomes customers under the watchful eye of their sister Chiara. And then there is Davide, who holds the strings under the marketing angle. These are the protagonists of CNA Storie of the month. On the outskirts of Pordenone, they started a very special experiment in co-working and dedicated it to their volcanic grandmother Valeria.

The most precious gift: time

“The idea of this project is to give customers the most precious thing: time,” explains Francis, who tells how the idea was born to create synergies between professionals. The user doesn’t have time to get the car serviced? Here the problem is solved: “While the car is being serviced, he can devote time to himself, taking a class at the gym or a massage. We are a kind of shopping mall, but instead of selling products, we offer services,” explains Francis.

An ever-changing service center

Inside Valery Space it is possible to rent space to carry out any kind of activity. And so, next to the gym, you can find a nutritionist’s studio and a seamstress’s atelier. An innovative idea that is nourished by continuous stimulation and updating of skills. “Those who don’t get informed fall years behind. If you are not prepared, trained to deal with new problems you hardly have the foresight to deal with even old problems,” says Francesco. He is echoed by dad Marcello: “With new technologies, glass has become a structural part of the vehicle, in the same way as any sheet metal” to follow this evolution has required a great specialization of the work, which is getting cleaner and cleaner. Explains Marcello, “today the auto repairer could also work in white lime.”

A story of generational transmission

A story of generational transmission that is enriched every day thanks to the enthusiasm of Davide and Francesco and the vision of dad Marcello. “For me it is very important to have lived in a family of entrepreneurs,” says Davide. For me it is a joy to carry on this tradition. It is a commitment.” Davide’s grandfather worked with iron “and my father developed this trade in the auto industry with passion,” he recounts.

A history of values

“You spend most of your time at work, and it is there that you perceive certain values. The ones you bring to your family you bring to your clients, and vice versa,” says Francesco. “There has to be a certain vision,” adds Marcello, who tells his own, “sometimes even chasing a utopia can seem like science fiction. Visionary is who gets to achieve it. And vision, today, becomes more and more important, more and more imminent. If you don’t implement it in a short time, you grow old in a short time.” This is the most valuable lesson Marcello passed on to his guys.